In a small coastal village of Crete, Kolimbari, The tavern Argentina has been located for 28 years possessing high position in the area of catering.

This is a genuinely traditional Greek tavern by the sea which gives special emphasis to quality but also to the creation of separate and original delicious dishes combining tradition with the imagination of Cretan Chef.

In Argentina tavern the meal is a real delight as the family members of Mr. Manolis Kapenekaki have created a very welcoming and warm environment with a distinct homely atmosphere.

The customer’s delightful taste completes the unique view from the small port of the village of Kolimbari with plenty of colors and scents that only in Crete can be found. All these create to the customer the illusion of another era.  

The tavern Argentina is open all year round from 12 pm-12am.
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